The Nemenhah "Healing Way"


Restoring Health to Individuals, Families, Communities,

All of Society, and the Planet 


In a sacred manner we are walking. In a sacred manner we are talking.



The Five-Fold Mission.

As outlined in its Declaration of Good Conscience and Practice, the Nemenhah pursues a five-fold mission: to heal the individual, to heal the family, to heal the community, to heal society, and to heal the planet. “Nemenhah Members declare their competence, or their desire and dedication to obtain competence, in one, or more, or all elements” of this mission.


At A Pathway to Healing, practitioners give attention to all aspects of an individual’s health while recognizing that health radiates outward from the individual to the family and larger community. A Pathway to Healing also recognizes that the environment, community, and family can affect an individual’s health for good or for ill. Insights such as these guide us in practicing the Sacred Sahaptan Healing Way.



The Sacred Sahaptan Healing Way.

In its Ethical Code of Conduct, the Nemenhah presents the philosophical guidelines and aspirations of its healers: 


The Nemenhah is a group of people who live and practice the Sacred Sahaptan Healing Way of their ancient ancestors. Each Nemenhah Medicine Man or Woman is a duly adopted Member of the Spiritual Family of the Elected Principal Medicine Chief, and has made Covenant Declarations that complete the requirements to be inducted into the Nemenhah Healing Ministry. The Sacred Sahaptan Healing Way is a system of teaching and practice which has been developed by the Peti Council of the Nemenhah, under the direction of the Elected Principal Medicine Chief, for the creation and training of Nemenhah Medicine Men and Women. 


Nemenhah Members are committed to the “principle of emergence,” e.g., to assist any person or system in moving out of an undesirable condition and into a desirable one, such as from out of “illness” into “wellness”—to use Ceremony and Natural Healing to aid the Earth and People in becoming well in person, in spirit, in family, in society, and in environment. . . .


Nemenhah Medicine Men and Women respect and protect the civil and human rights of others and their freedom of inquiry and spiritual experience. They strive to help the public understand and learn about freedom of health care, informed judgment, self-empowered choice regarding religion, spirit, health, healing, and education. In doing so, they perform many roles including, inter alia, Healer, Teacher, Support Person, Consultant, Interventionist, Spiritual Teacher, Minister, Clergy, Role Model, and so forth. . . . They understand that by living within a code created by Spirit and by Ethical consideration they are doing all that is reasonably within their power to act to educate and to heal.


The Nemenhah Code is intended to provide specific standards and principles to cover most situations encountered in Healing. Inherent in it are goals to promote and protect the welfare of individuals, communities, society, and environment, and to educate its members, students, parishioners, celebrants, seekers and petitioners regarding Nemenhah Ethics. . . . Nemenhah Medicine Men and Women dedicate themselves to adherence to this Ethical Path.



The Nemenhah Way of Respecting Others.

The Nemenhah way embraces all truths of all traditions. It does not contradict or compete with other people’s faiths or beliefs, since the sacredness and integrity of each individual is affirmed in the Nemenhah Constitution: hence, “Nemenhah Members understand that they may speak only for themselves and for what they personally know, or concerning evidence that has come into their personal possession.” 


People of all backgrounds, whether Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or agnostic, may freely take comfort in the Sacred Sahaptan Healing Way. As stated in the Preamble to the Nemenhah Constitution,


We, Nemenhah, believe in the Creator and that the Creator made all men and women who have lived, do now live, and who will yet live, as free and equal beings. We recognize the inherent, ancestral, sovereign rights granted to all people by the Creator, human conscience, international law, and legal constructs of reciprocity, mutuality, and comity, which cannot be diminished or extinguished.



The Nemenhah Way of Holistic Healing.

The Sacred Sahaptan Healing Way prescribes “the use of natural healing methods and materials and of spiritual guidance for the healing of the ‘body physical’ and the ‘body spiritual’ of the individual, family, community, nation, and world.”


At A Pathway to Healing, we wed Western science with the naturopathic traditions of Native American, Ayurvedic, and Oriental medicine. In treating the whole person—in body, mind, and spirit—we affirm the essential unity and complementarity of all healing traditions world-wide. And whereas Western medicine takes an “interventionist” approach to healing, we seek to reawaken and enhance the body-mind-spirit’s God-given capacities to heal itself. By joining the latest modalities of energy medicine to the wisdom of the ancients, A Pathway to Healing offers the most powerful means of total, natural healing available today. 


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