Bringing a better Healing Way to our Local Community

Here at A Pathway to Healing, we embrace the many traditions that contribute to wellness of body, mind, and spirit. As a center for healing, A Pathway draws on the unique talents (and underlying world traditions) of several practitioners and ministers, each of whom approaches the body-mind-spirit respectfully and through the broad perspectives of naturopathy, homeopathy, energy medicine, and the Sahaptan Healing Way.


Mary French Baumlin, Ph.D. (teacher)  

“I’ve been suffering for years from a host of debilitating conditions, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, mold toxicity, and Lyme disease coinfectants. I’ve benefited from just about every form of treatment that Dave offers, though it’s his mastery of lymphatic drainage that has kept me alive—literally—and able to work. I bless Dave for his spiritually-guided gifts and know that he has placed me confidently on my own pathway to healing.”


A Pathway to Healing offers the most holistic, complementary healing services in Missouri, including:

Ehlahts Kowaht: Schnelle Technique (sacred Nemenhah Bodywork)

Custom Compounding Apothecary

Reiki, Applied Qi-Qong, and other "Subtle" bodywork methods

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Far Infrared Sauna and Salt Cave

NeuroSync Sound Therapies for Stress and Depression

Massage Therapy


And so much More!

We Walk in a Sacred Manner,

We Talk in a Sacred Manner;

We Are All Relations!